With the Ever Given On The Move, The Suez Reopens to Ships

The Ever Given and the Suez Canal

For the past week, the world’s attention has been riveted to a container ship called the Ever Given that got stuck in the Suez Canal. This morning, after a week of efforts, the Ever Given is afloat again, and the ships that have stacked up behind the grounded ship.

The Suez Canal has been one of the busiest sea thoroughfares since its completion in 1869. With the Ever Given’s successful refloating, the canal is again ready to be open to the ships that are currently waiting to travel through the Suez Canal.

Over 400 Ships Waiting

There are 437 ships in limbo, just waiting to get access is what has been reported by GAC, a shipping agent that was referring to information they received from the canal authority.

GAC broke it down further, stating that the majority of those ships are waiting to travel north, with 201 waiting directly at the Suez. 193 ships are waiting to sail south, and there are an additional 43 holding Great Bitter Lake.

According to Hapag-Lloyd AG, a different shipping company operating within the Suez Canal, the jam of ships should be completely cleared in approximately four days.

Moving Forward – Slowly

Luckily, once the Ever Given was back floating, it was able to move through the canal and to the Great Bitter Lake under its own power. Though the tug boats that helped to pull and push the giant ship out were supposed to accompany the Ever Given to the lake to have its hull checked out, they have all appeared to have fallen back per the monitored ship tracking data.

The big debate now is which ships should be given priority crossings, with specifically Romania arguing that those ships carrying livestock deserve priority. The agriculture minister of Egypt and the Suez Canal Authority have sent veterinarians and other experts to those vessels to monitor the animals and deliver more food and water.

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