6 Paid Udemy Courses now Free for a Limited Time (Offer Expires 02/11/2021)

Udemy runs deals all the time but rarely are high caliber courses like this offered completely free. Browse this list and I bet you’ll find something that peaks your interest. 

  1. Rank & Rent Local Lead Generation: The Complete Guide – Build a passive income with this course, learn how to build websites for Local Lead Generation build your scalable passive income today. Over 7 hours worth of content. Here’s a small preview what you can expect.

    Current price: Free
    Original Price $94.99
  2. Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling using MS Excel – Great for people who want to become a Financial Analyst. Close to 11 hours worth of content. 

    Current price:Free
    Original Price:$29.99
  3. Learn Advanced Excel: Take the Next Step w/ Microsoft Excel – There’s high demand for people who know Microsoft Excel, set yourself apart by getting this course while it’s free. Just shy of 5 hours of content.

    Current price:Free
    Original Price: $94.99
  4. Agile Kanban: Kanban for Software Development Teams – Learn the Kanban way of Agile Project Management A little over 2 hours worth of content.

    Current priceFree
    Original Price$94.99
  5. Learn to Draw Vector Art/Dope Illustrations and Earn Money – Learn Basics Of Illustrator – This is your calling to learn to Over 7 hours of content.

    Current price: Free
    Original Price$24.99
  6. Video Editing in Final Cut Pro X: Learn the Basics in 1 Hour – Most video editing programs require paying a monthly subscription. You can skip all that shenanigans and buy Final Cut Pro from Apple for a 1 time fee. 1 hour of content.

    Current price:Free
    Original Price:$19.99

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