3 Great Conference Room Lights for Virtual Meetings!

Introduction: These Times They Are Changing

Conferences, and the rooms they take place in, have undeniably changed in the past year. What used to be easy, accessible meetings that helped your workforce stay informed and up to date, have often become technological messes that it can be hard to organize.

To adapt properly to new COVID restrictions that would bar people from congregating in a conference room, you need to make sure you are outfitted with the best work-from-home materials possible. This article will break down three brilliant lighting solutions to really emulate office lighting in a virtual conference room.

Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

The clip set design on Cyezcor’s ring lighting kit is an element that makes it especially useful for laptop-based virtual meetings and the emulation of conference room lights in that context.

This makes the device particularly small, which allows it maximum portability (always handy for laptop users). A concern with portability is coupled with a USB power source, meaning you do not need to carry a big power supply or mains cable with you.

It also comes with 5-step adjustable darkness/lightness with 48 LEDs capable of outputting 10W of brightness, that can be easily altered using a small switch.


Glorious-Lite’s 5W offering here is the cheapest, as the 5W light output might hint at. It is supplemented with a forty-centimeter flexible gooseneck, which allows for a hyper-articulated control of your lighting angle and position.

Like others on this list, the lamb is USB powered, so can be supported with a computer, an AC adapter, or power bank as a main source of energy.

The lamp has 2 settings of adjustable luminosity, bright and dim, alongside some options for the color and warmth of your lamp as well.

One of the selling points of this lamp is it has a nice foam padding that protects any surface that it gets clipped to (including laptops, desks, and other furniture).

Yoozon Dimmable LED Ring Light

The most expensive option on this list by about ten dollars, and for that price it does an awful lot of different things.

It comes with a mounted phone holder that can fit all 3.5″ to 6.5″ phones, including up to the iPhone 11 Pro, to the Samsung 6 Edge, and several Huawei models as well.

The light uses a metal disc base stand as opposed to a clip, so it is entirely free-standing. This can be handy for stability and not overcrowding your desk and device but does cause some problems for users who might not have a massive workspace to emulate conference room lighting in a virtual meeting during COVID.


Taking all of these into account, this article finds that Cyezcor’s ring light to be the best of the bunch. It has the most powerful wattage, nice brightness, and color adjustability and best of all: ultimate portability. As you are only trying to create office lighting for virtual meetings, the fact it clips onto your computer is a boon, not an issue.


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