Buick Electra: GM Announces New Electric Vehicle In Development

Buick vehicles have made GM one of the leading automotive vehicle companies for the China market. Their dependable and long-lasting vehicles are part of the reason people in China love GM more than any other make. GM was a top-seller for the China market before electric vehicles began to take over.

Knowing their market wanted to find more sustainable ways of living, GM started to focus on electric vehicle concepts. Since stepping foot into the world of electric vehicles, GM has become the world’s leading company for this market. They have proven themselves once again as one of the world’s most trustworthy automotive companies.

GM has quite a few plans in store for its future with electric vehicles. They recently showed China a few of the new things they are planning on doing with Buick. This includes incorporating GM’s Ultium battery system and electric propulsion systems.

This new electric vehicle has a name that should come as no surprise, Electra. That has been an obvious choice for electric vehicles this whole time. Electra has a brand new potential energy design language. It is a low-set and sporty crossover vehicle. There are 4 seats and butterfly doors to give it a futuristic look. GM had space capsules in mind when they planned the design of this vehicle. This new Ultium battery is set to unlock a whole new future for electric vehicles.


Electra Is Set For The China Market Only

Although Buick has devoted buyers all over the globe, this new electric vehicle is made specifically for the roads of China. Electra was actually designed in Shanghai and there is no plan to take this vehicle to markets outside of the country.

GM is stating that the Electra has over 410 miles in range per charge. It needs just 4.3 seconds to get to 60 mph. There is a 583 horsepower in this dual-motor powertrain. This vehicle still has some of the same great features as regular cars, such as real-time battery checks and over the air updates.

As far as moving this design to the US market, GM has no plans yet. They have designed Electra specifically to meet the needs of customers of the China market. When asked about plans of bringing Electra to the US, GM spokesperson stated that while no plans are in the works, anything is possible.

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