Helldiver 2 Cross Play: Overcoming Friend Request Issues

Helldiver 2 Cross Play: Navigating Friend Request and Lobby Joining Challenges


Helldiver 2 has captivated gamers with its dynamic cross-play feature, enabling players across various platforms to unite in their battle for liberty and democracy. However, a pervasive issue with accepting friend requests threatens to hinder this unity. This article provides a comprehensive guide to navigating these challenges, ensuring nothing stands between you and your cross-platform comrades.

The Cross-Play Feature in Helldiver 2

Cross-play in Helldiver 2 symbolizes a significant step towards inclusivity in gaming, allowing players on different devices to engage in the same multiplayer sessions. Despite its advantages, players often find themselves at odds with technical issues, particularly when trying to connect with friends across platforms.

Identifying the Friend Request Issue

The primary obstacle faced by players is the inability to accept friend requests, a problem that disrupts the seamless cross-platform experience Helldiver 2 aims to offer. This challenge not only frustrates players but also complicates the process of joining friends for a game session.

Step-by-Step Workaround for Cross-Play Connectivity

A practical workaround involves several steps, starting with the activation of cross-play in the game’s options. Players are advised to select the same planet and difficulty setting to minimize the number of lobbies to sift through, making it easier to join a friend’s game.

Practical Solutions for Lobby Management

To facilitate joining, one player should host an open game while the other searches for this specific lobby. Once joined, the host can modify the lobby settings to ‘friends only,’ ensuring a secure session without the need for direct friend requests.

Troubleshooting Tips for Enhanced Cross-Play Experience

For those encountering visibility issues, toggling the cross-play option off and back on, as well as restarting the game, can often remedy the situation. These simple steps can significantly improve the likelihood of successful connections.

Community and Social Media Support

The Helldiver 2 community has been instrumental in providing support and solutions, with platforms like Twitch offering video guides and live demonstrations of successful workarounds.

Advanced Tips: Utilizing Third-Party Lobby Hosts

In situations where direct connections remain elusive, involving a third-party host can serve as an effective bridge. This method has proven successful in circumventing the friend request barrier, further illustrating the community’s resourcefulness.

Looking Ahead: Anticipated Updates and Community Feedback

As the developers of Helldiver 2 continue to refine the game’s cross-play functionality, community feedback and shared solutions remain invaluable. Future updates are eagerly awaited, with the hope of resolving these challenges once and for all.


Despite the hurdles presented by friend request and lobby joining issues in Helldiver 2’s cross-play feature, the community’s ingenuity has led to effective workarounds. By following this guide and leveraging community support, players can look forward to countless hours of cross-platform camaraderie.

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