World of Warcraft Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Your Ultimate Guide

Blizzard Entertainment has once again partnered with Twitch to bring the World of Warcraft community an exciting opportunity to earn exclusive in-game items through Twitch drops. With the launch of the Dragonflight expansion, players can look forward to a plethora of unique rewards, including the Feldrake mount and the Goblin Weather Machine, by tuning into their favorite WoW content creators on Twitch. Here’s everything you need to know about securing these coveted Dragonflight Twitch drops, including a pro tip to stay updated with the latest drop events by following Blizzard on Twitter.

How WoW Dragonflight Twitch Drops Work

Twitch drops offer World of Warcraft players a fun way to collect rare in-game items while enjoying content from their favorite streamers. Here’s a simple breakdown of how to participate in the Dragonflight Twitch drops event:

  1. Watch Streamers with Drops Enabled: Look for channels with “Twitch Drops” mentioned at the top of the chat panel or in the stream title.

Connect Your and Twitch Accounts: Ensure your account is linked to your Twitch account for drop eligibility.

Navigate to the Connections tab in your account settings.


Find Twitch and select Connect.

Log in with your Twitch account and follow the prompts to complete the connection.

Stay Informed with Blizzard on Twitter

For the latest updates on Twitch drops, including upcoming rewards and participation details, it’s essential to follow Blizzard Entertainment on Twitter. Blizzard frequently announces new Twitch drop events, providing fans with all the necessary information to not miss out on any exclusive loot. Following @Warcraft and @Blizzard_Ent will ensure you’re always in the loop for the next exciting Twitch drop event.

Checking Dragonflight Twitch Drop Progress

Track the progress of your Twitch drop by accessing the Drops and Rewards section under your Twitch profile icon. A progress bar will indicate how close you are to earning the next Dragonflight reward. Upon reaching the required watch time, claim your drop from the same section.

Claiming Your Dragonflight Twitch Drops

After accumulating the necessary watch time, you must claim your reward on Twitch. This can be done directly from the channel you are watching or via your Drops Inventory on Twitch. Subsequently, log into World of Warcraft, head to the Collections tab, and locate your new item under the appropriate category.

Dragonflight Twitch Drop Rewards

The Dragonflight expansion has introduced a range of Twitch drops throughout its release cycle. Here’s a snapshot of the rewards and their requirements:

  • January 2024: Grim Campfire Toy for watching four hours of Dragonflight content.
  • November 2023: Dottie the baby alpaca pet and White Riding Camel mount for a similar four-hour commitment.
  • September 2023: Dashing Buccaneer’s Slops transmog set, rewarding dedicated viewers with a stylish outfit.
  • July 2023: Picnic Basket toy, perfect for social gatherings in Azeroth.

Please note that Twitch drop availability can vary, with some months not offering any Dragonflight rewards.


World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Twitch drops provide a unique opportunity for players to enhance their in-game collection by engaging with the community, supporting content creators, and staying informed through Blizzard’s Twitter updates. Whether it’s cosmetic items like the Dashing Buccaneer’s Slops or functional toys such as the Goblin Weather Machine, the Twitch drops program adds an extra layer of excitement to the World of Warcraft experience.

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