What Exactly is a Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)?

A PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is a vehicle that has batteries that can now be charged via any standard electrical outlet paired with a traditionally usually smaller¬†gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine . PHEVs have an advantage in that when they run only on their electrical charge, there’s further reduction of 20% to 30% in energy consumption over what would be used running the gasoline engine. This is great for the consumer as well as the environment, since these cars make that much less greenhouse gas.

The first Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles to be made by the commercial automakers should be produced in 2009, with other companies following in 2010. As was alluded to in the beginning, it is actually possible to have a PHEV right this moment through conversion kits. That Prius you see everyday on the way to work may just be a PHEV.

3 Benefits of Going PHEV

1. Power on Demand

Hybrid electric vehicles can temporarily shut off the internal combustion engine during periods where it is not necessary to run, such as during modes where the vehicle is coasting or idling. This is because these are situations where the electric motor is providing more than enough energy all on its own to provide power to the various systems in the vehicle, meaning that the vehicle can be kept running properly without petroleum being burned to keep it going. This is an absolutely effective way to increase efficiency while reducing harmful emissions, which is why HEV vehicles are considered to be so green in nature.


2. Regenerative Braking.

Regenerative braking allows energy that would normally be lost through the braking process to be recovered instead, and this energy is stored within the batteries in the electric engine so that the electric motor can make use of it later. The engine powered generator produces electrical energy only when there is not already a full charge that is being provided through the regenerative braking process. In other words, you are creating powerful energy in your car every time you brake, and cutting down on energy expenditure and emissions in the process.

3. Conventional Fuel and Fueling Infrastructure.

Get the benefit of electric without the range anxiety, knowing you can refuel everywhere.

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Photo Credit: Hyliion

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