Volkswagen XL1 the Tiny Diesel Hybrid

Picture by RudolfSimon
Picture by Noebu – Norbert Aepli, Switzerland

The unique, unusual body design of the VW XL1 Concept has been inspired by the L1 Concept car. This car has footprints similar to that of the Mazda 2, but the height is just similar to that of the Lamborghini Gallardo.

L1 Concept – Picture by RudolfSimon

The two large doors available swing up from the A-pillar for showy and easier access. Also, the bubble-like greenhouse body and the sharply tapered rear ends give the car a more attractive look.

From the inside, the cockpit is equipped with two bucket seats and the car comfortably accommodates two occupants. A unique feature is that the passenger seat of this car is slightly mounted farther back compared to the driver’s seat. Although small in size, the overall interior is large enough and offers enough space for enhanced comfort. A flat-bottomed steering wheel is available for the VW XL1 Concept, and additional interior features include; IPod –style screens and digital rear-view mirrors.

VW XL1 – Engine and Performance

Being a hybrid car, it features two alternative sources of power and performance under the hood. The car starts silently via the battery integrated to an electric motor paid with a 1 liter turbo diesel engine. A full charge battery is included, and the charging of the battery is rated as CO2 neutral. Volkswagen proclaimed that it expected the XL1 to achieve a fuel economy of 260/310 mpg or 0.9 l/100 km.

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