Toyota And Denyo Team To Develop A New Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle

In mid-September it was announced that well-known automotive manufacturer Toyota has teamed up with the leading company for mobile generators, Denyo, to develop an environmentally friendly vehicle that reduces CO2 emissions in the air and also supplies power for up to 72 hours if there’s an emergency. They have plans to use hydrogen to generate electricity.


 Number of high-pressure hydrogen tanks 27
 Internal volume of tank  1,626 liters
 Hydrogen storage mass  Approximately 65 kg
 Power Output  8.5 kW (total three-phase and single-phase output)
Power supply capacity Approximately 612 kWh
Rated voltage / number of phases / frequency  100/200 VAC / three-phase four-wire and single-phase three-wire / 50/60 Hz
Continuous power supply (Maximum output during generation: 8.5 kW) Approximately 72 hours*
 Water generation (Maximum amount generated)  Approximately 450 liters

Both companies are starting verification tests in order to move this project forward. They are planning on commercializing this vehicle in order to put another step forward in creating a more sustainable lifestyle for their customers. Japan’s Ministry of Environment has selected this project as Low Carbon Technology and Research Development Program, meaning it has potential to make green-friendly changes in the automotive industry.

It has been a mission of both Denyo and Toyota to make a continuous effort to tackle the problems their companies face with environmental issues. They decided to work together to create a vehicle that is run by fuel cell source of power as a way to start reducing harmful CO2 emissions regular vehicles put off.

The companies have also been working together to come up with ways to further pursue the idea of fuel cell powered vehicles. This is a step that electric vehicle manufacturers seemed to have overlooked. The electric vehicle is a great way to emit less harmful gasses into the air, but how will you get anywhere during a serious power outage? If you are unable to get electricity to the vehicle when needed then you are without a ride.

Most vehicles use a source of diesel or other fossil fuels to get their motors running. These emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other harmful gasses into the air we breathe. In order to cut that out, Toyota and Denyo are only using fuel cell power.  This eliminates the emissions of toxic substances and gives you power for up to 72 hours.

The design of this vehicle is based off of Toyota’s Dyna model with the fuel systems of Toyota’s Mirai vehicle. To power the vehicle, they use one of Denyo’s fuel cell power supplies that are part of a subsidized program through the Ministry of Environment.

Denyo has always prided themselves for being a socially responsible company. The plan to continue to engage in business activities that progress towards a more sustainable living. Toyota is doing everything they can to reduce CO2 emissions on the road. They will continue to develop and promote more environmentally friendly vehicles.


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