The first Wonder Woman 1984 reviews are in….and they are overwhelmingly positive

The highly-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be hitting streaming services and theaters until Christmas Day, but some lucky critics have already seen some preview screenings. Almost all of the feedback seems to be positive too. 

DC Films had a tough mission on their hands when they had to come up with a sequel to 2017’s highly-successful Wonder Woman. It could quite easily have gone wrong, just like every other DC Universe movie so far (it would probably be best to forget Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, right?). However, if critics are to be believed, it seems that DC has another hit on their hands, which means they won’t have to be nipping their cinematic universe in the bud any time soon. 

While we don’t know much about the plot of Wonder Woman 1984 yet, we know that it is going to serve as a prequel to the first film. We also know that it is going to feature Diana Prince being all superhero-like during the Cold War. Two classic DC Supervillains, Maxwell Lord and The Cheetah will be who she is up against. 

Critics seem to be loving it. In fact, some are claiming that this movie is far superior to the first…and a lot of them seem to have loved the first movie. Others are saying that it is the perfect movie to cap off 2020. They say that the messages of hope and humanity that Wonder Woman 1984 offers came at the absolute perfect time. 

We were excited to watch Wonder Woman 1984 already, but these early critic remarks have made us want to see this movie even more, particularly since some critics are offering comparisons to Guardians of the Galaxy on the whole 1980s aesthetic front. Luckily, it won’t be long before any of us can see it. It will be in cinemas on the 25th of December, and if you want to stay indoors, you will also be able to stream it on HBO Max. 

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