Tesla’s New Roadster is set to make its first appearance at Nürburgring racetrack in 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the revival of its Roadster this coming 2021. The new Roadster going to hit the pavement on the world’s most famous circuit race track, the Nürburgring racetrack. The vehicle will have a traditional lap and test drive around the German racetrack.

The Roadster Revival

Tesla is on the track of reviving the hype of 2008’s release of the very first all-electric sports car.

Back in the early 2000s, Internal Combustion Engines(ICE) were more famous and favored by the car enthusiasts. Because of that, the Roadster did not receive much of the popularity as the very first all-electric car in the market.

Musk said that the Roadster will come to the market in 2020 after the unveiling of the vehicle in 2017. He also hinted at some possibility of delay until 2022 because it wasn’t a priority for Tesla; instead, the company will focus on Cybertruck. Now, Musk confirmed that the new Roadster will be making its public appearance for testing next year. 

The expected performance specification of Roadster announced last November 2017 are:

  • 0-60 mph Acceleration : 1.9 s
  • 0-100 mph Acceleration :4.2 s
  • 1/4 mile Acceleration: 8.8 s
  • Top Speed: >250 mph
  • Range: 620 mile
  • Powerful 200 kWh battery

The Roadster also comes in a 4 seat, All-Wheel Drive  and equipped with a Plaid tri-motor powertrain. Tesla claimed that the vehicle can travel further than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.

Last year, Porsche brought its brand new Taycan electric car and broke a record at Nürburgring racetrack. Tesla decided to also test its Model S Plaid at the famous race track that immediately crushed the Porsche Taycan’s record. The time was not made official by the track. Tesla also stated that they will be making some improvements and return in October.

With less than four months remaining in 2020, there is a possibility that Tesla will release more details of the much awaited Roadster. The EV community also expected the release of the ‘SpaceX package’ variant of the Roadster with more improved performance specification compare to the base version.

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