Safemoon May 3rd 2021 Update – AMA, Certik, Safemoon Wallet, Debit Card and Whale Sales


Safemoon founders had another AMA packed with few huge announcements. These announcements included a preview of the new interface for the safemoon wallet app that allows users to buy and sell crypto currencies with ease. To complement the app and simplify buying and selling of currencies they also announced they are talking to a major fiat card provider to possibly release a debit card.

Right now users have to go through multiple steps process that includes exchanges like pancakeswap in order to buy Safemoon. By allowing users to buy safemoon and other currencies through their app and intergrading a debit card feature users can cut out the need for other 3rd party exchanges leading to less processing fees like the 12%+ slippage fee on pancakeswap. Safemoon is not the 1st crypto currency to offer a debit card, offers various metal and plastic cards with various cash back deals depending on how much you stake.

How to Buy and Sell Safemoon.

They also addressed the whale wallet that sold a hefty amount a few weeks back and assured the public nobody at safemoon has sold any of their shares. Other announcements include allocating a portion of the unlocked LP to upgrade to pancakeswap V2 an improved exchange. There has also been consideration of donating a portion of the unlocked LP to fund the covid relief in India but the Safemoon team encourages token holders to voice their opinions before anything is done. This wouldn’t be the 1st time a crypto currency has funded a cause. Bingus a charity crypto has donated over $40,000 to various animal shelters worldwide. (Read more on Bingus)

Certik has also completed its audit of Safemoon meaning there’s no sketchy issues going on behind the signs the crypto currency. In the last 3 year CertiK has conducted over 220+ audits securing 8.03B of value. (Read more on Certik)

This is not investment advice, as with anything you read on websites and social media you should do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

Watch the full AMA here.

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