Polestar Precept enters production stage to challenge the Titans of EV Industry

Chinese EV Company Polestar confirmed that the Precept model will enter the production stage. Polestar was a performance sub-brand of Volvo before it took the stage with other rising Chinese EV companies like Nio. Volvo’s parent company, Geely, started recently the delivering of the Polestar 2 model  to customers in Europe and North America. 

The Concept

Earlier this year, Polestar revealed the concept of the seductive sedan, Precept. It has a stunning design along with both the interior and exterior feature sustainable or recycled material. The sedan is slightly larger than a Tesla Model S that rides on a 122-inch wheelbase.

Polestar indicated that Precept will also have integration of Android Automotive just like the Polestar 2.

This Google’s native information system can recognize the driver as they approach the car and automatically ready the applications and settings. It can also recognize more languages, use Google Map and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), and be capable of more natural conversations. The EV will also be capable of video streaming even during charging.

Polestar Head of Design Maximilian Missoni stated that the EV’s aesthetics are rooted in cutting-edge technology. According to him, Polestar’s goal is to question the traditional automotive references and start a new avant-garde design. They also wanted to prove that sustainability and technology can be merged into this stunning EV.

Photo Credit: Polestar

There was no clarity at that time whether this Precept concept would ever be a reality. Now, Polestar cleared up the uncertainty by announcing that the stunning sedan will indeed be put into production. According to Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath, the company decided the production of the Precept because they realized that a lot of people like the electric sedan concept.

“Stunning. Spectacular. Cutting-edge. We’d like to see it on the road!’ – this is what the press wrote about Precept and the public said,“‘We want it’, so we decided to build it,”

The Production

The Polestar Precept model will be manufactured as planned in the company’s home market,  Polestar Production Centre. The carbon neutral production facility is stationed in Chengdu, China where the Polestar 1 model was produced. It has also become the first LEED Gold-rated automotive production facility in China and powered by 100 % renewable energy.

Polestar does not release yet any confirmed date of production for the Precept model. The company also declined to release more relevant specifications about the performance, hardware, configuration, and the price of the model. As soon as the Precept goes into the EV market, famous EV automakers such as Tesla and Lucid will definitely take note of it.

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