World’s First Plane – Designed & Powered By Hemp – Is 10 Times Stronger Than Steel

HEMPEARTH has done it again. This Canadian firm has managed to engineer the first plane to be fueled and built from hemp.

Seats and pillows all the way to the planes walls, it will all be hemp. Pair that with an engine that runs on hemp oil you have a non-toxic completely sustainable production. Compared to traditional aerospace materials like aluminum or fiberglass hemp is lighter, leading to less fuel used during trips. The carbon foot print is substantially lower compared to traditional production. Learn more about the plan here.


HEMPEARTH – Hemp Plane Fund from Hempearth Group on Vimeo.


Currently a leader in the hemp industry, you can purchase anything from hemp pellets to boards. They also have hemp tape and Paddleboards all ready order. The future looks bright.

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