Nikola Refuse gets an order of 2500 Hydrogen Garbage Trucks

Republic Services looked to Nikola Motors for an eco-friendly way of dealing with environmental waste. An order for 2,500 Nikola Tre fuel cell technology refuse trucks is underway, with a foreseeable 5,000-unit total.

This is the largest order placement in any waste industry. It shows how committed Republic Services is to zero-emission vehicles. Road testing commences in 2022 and full production will happen shortly after.

What are the Features of Nikola Tre?

  1. Fuel-cell technology. Hydrogen fuel cells power these electric waste trucks.
  2. Nikola Tre refuse trucks can serve up to 150 miles maximum.
  3. Nikola’s eco-friendly waste truck can provide 1,200 cans per single recharge.
  4. Nikola Tre refuse trucks are zero-emission Class 8 trucks, with power of up to 1,000 hp. This is three times more power than other natural gas and diesel vehicles offer.
  5. Nikola trucks operate quietly.
  6. Each Nikola Tre waste truck carries 720kWh energy storage.

With these features, truck operators can expect these units to go uphill with heavy loads without any issue. Nikola Tre is set to outperform other natural gas and diesel competitors.

Nikola Motors and Republic Services in Partnership

Republic Service is America’s top 2 recycling and solid waste provider. It is a leader in providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions to customers.

Nikola Motors and Republic Services are aligned in mission and vision. The Nikola Tre, for instance, is all about sustainability. The refuse truck is zero-emission.

The parts are also scaled down. The unit uses the same controls, batteries, e-axle, and inverters. This means lower costs and inventory production.

Final Thoughts

Republic Services makes a logical choice in turning to Nikola Motors for more eco-friendly ways to operate its recycling and solid waste programs. If Nikola Tre performs to expectations, more and more communities will be seeing these silent, pollutant-free waste trucks going by.

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