Nikola Puts More Investment into Hydrogen Production

Nikola plans to produce 40,000 kgs of hydrogen per day to use on its fuel cell tech powered products and operations. Hence, it placed more orders on electrolysis equipment from Nel to ensure it meets the targeted amount.

The company clearly believes and benefits from the advantages of hydrogen sourced fuel cell electric vehicles. What are the advantages? Let’s list some of them.

Comparable with Diesel-Fueled Vehicles

Customers complain about the lack of power from regular electric vehicles. The hydrogen fuel cell car is no ordinary electric car. It keeps up with diesel engines. It delivers instant torque, so you don’t get cold starts. You also get more horsepower to satisfy the power-hungry drivers.

Fast Fueling Time and More Mileage

Regular electric vehicles take a long time to power up. On the other hand, you can refuel or charge your hydrogen-powered vehicles in 15 minutes. Also, drive for longer miles with these fuel cell vehicles before having to recharge at a station.

Unlike other electric vehicles that give you low mileage, hydrogen trucks from Nikola provide 500 to 750 miles between refills. That’s over 1,200 kilometers of mileage, which diesel trucks likewise provide.

Lightweight but Heavy-duty Trucks

Fuel cell tech vehicles, like Nikola trucks, eliminate unnecessary weight, but you can count on them to have a heavy duty build. Hydrogen offers lighter truck batteries compared with regular electric truck battery packs.

Safer driving conditions

Hydrogen safety is equal if not better than regular fuel like gasoline. Nikola, for instance, tests its vehicles for crash, fire, and environmental safety. Each fuel cell vehicle comes with sensors and safety mechanisms that trigger in emergencies.

Final Thoughts

On top of these four advantages, zero emissions may serve as icing on the cake. Hydrogen emits only water and is therefore safe for the environment. It’s no wonder why Nikola is among other companies that see hydrogen fuel cell technology as a priority investment.

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