Nikola One Offers Zero Emission Hydrogen Electric Trucks for Your Company Fleet

If you’re looking for a company fleet upgrade, Nikola One may well be your best option. This fuel cell tech powered truck offers great features that will prove advantageous to your company. Let’s look at what Nikola One offers you with this new model.

Performance Features of Nikola One

1. Double acceleration.

Diesel engines in trucks need high RPMs in order to hit peak torque. But electric motors peak immediately. That’s why Nikola One is capable of double acceleration compared with that of a diesel tractor.

2. High efficiency.

Nikola trucks use energy as needed. And there’s no idling. It features regenerative braking too. Get real fuel economy from these units.

3. More loading capacity.

Nikola trucks are light. So you regain more kilograms you can use for adding more load so you maintain good pulling performance even at max capacity.

Safety Features of Nikola One

1. Advanced hardware for safety features.

Nikola trucks feature advanced hardware that provides active safety features.

2. Brake faster.

Nikola trucks feature air disk brakes and regenerative braking. This allows the vehicle to halt within 10 milliseconds. That’s over a hundred times faster than an advanced air-only disc brake system.

3. More visibility.

Nikola trucks don’t have a diesel engine. This made it possible to move the driver forward. An added feature is a panoramic windshield to improve total visibility.

There is also a digital camera mirror for added visibility and blind spot reduction. And as vehicles turn, the camera adjusts automatically in accordance with the movement of the trailer.

Final Thoughts

Nikola One hydrogen-fueled trucks let your fleet go further and quicker with zero emissions. These light vehicles deliver on power and performance requirements to enable your fleet to go about its daily schedule with ease, safety, and speed.






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