Massive Price Drop On Ford’s Mustang Mach-E Crossover


Massive Price Drop On Ford’s Mustang Mach-E

The shift in economic events caused by the pandemic this year have put new vehicle sales at an all-time low. To keep up with the competitive pricing of electric vehicles, Ford has announced that they are dropping the price of their all-electric Mustang Mach crossover. This includes all models and the prices are cut as high as $3,000. They are doing what it takes to keep sales up in an already crowded automotive market.

Ford announced the news of their price drop earlier this week on the Mach-E Club Owner’s forum. These new prices are available to everyone, including those who already reserved a vehicle.  The new prices will be as low as $42,895 for the select rear view drive or as high as $58,300 for the First edition electric vehicle.

These vehicles are expected to be delivered towards the end of the year. If you have already reserved one you have until Mid-October to get the price reversed. An exceptional value for a high quality vehicle has always been something that Mustang stands for, these price cuts are their way of keeping up with dynamic changes in order to satisfy their customers.

How The Pricing Of Electric Vehicles Is Evolving

It is quite common for vehicle companies to change their prices in order to keep up with demand. When it comes to the world of electric vehicles this happens a lot more frequently. Prices of electric vehicles are frequently going up and down.

Since Tesla is the main company that sits on the top of the electric vehicle marketplace, the price changes are very straightforward for them. However, it’s not so easy for legacy companies likes Ford because they have the follow the rules of the dealership model.

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Ford is determined to get their customers the best price possible during these hard economic times. Take a look and see how much you can save on selected models:

Package Original Price New Price Amount Changed
 Select RWD  $43,895  $42,895 $1000
 Select AWD  $46,595  $45,595 $1000
 CA Route 1 RWD  $51,800  $49,800 $1000
 Premium RWD  $50,000  $47,000 $3000
 Premium AWD  $52,700  $49,700 $3000
 First Edition  $59,300  $58,300 $1000

Ford announced the new crossovers last November. This is the first electric vehicle to sport the official Mustang logo.