Hyliion Inc And Tortoise Announce End Of Business Combination Now Trade Under HYLN

On the 28th of Septmeber 2020, a business combination between Hyliion Inc and Tortoise Acquisition Corp was approved by Tortoise Corp stockholders. A few days later it was announced that they were going to close the business combination and trade to New York Stock Exchange under the new name “Hyliion Holding Corp” listed with the ticker symbol “HYLN” while it’s warrant are listed under “HYLN WS”.

Hyliion Inc has plans to continue their company’s growth in the direction of the commercial trucking business and it’s demands for reduced carbon emission and finding more sustainable transportation options. The end of this business deal is necessary for their business plan as they get ready to move forward with the commercialization and mass production of their Hybrid and Hypertruck ERX solution.

This business combination granted Hyliion Inc $560 million in proceeds for the development of the new Hybrid and Hypertuck ERX. Tortoise Acquisition Corp had a positive experience working with Hyliion Inc and looks forward to having more successful projects together in the future. Hyliion Inc has a reputation for offering the lowest cost, longest range, and highest payloads available.

What To Know About Hyliion Inc

Hyliion Inc is a leading provider of electrified powertrain solutions in the commercial vehicle industry. They are working to reduce carbon emissions and other harmful toxins emitted from fossil fuels by providing electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles. They aim to do this at the lowest cost possible.

These solutions utilize their battery systems, control software, and studies of data analytics to combine them with electric motors and power electronics. They can either augment or fully replace diesel and other fossil fuel powertrains while greatly improving their performance.

Hyliion Inc is doing more research every day to keep up with their customers’ desires to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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What To Know About Tortoise Acquisition Corp

Tortoise Acquisition Corp is a finance company that focuses on:

  • Effecting a merger
  • Stock exchanges
  • Acquisition
  • Re-organisation

They also specialize in business combinations, eager to work with one or even a few companies at a time.

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This is not investment advice, strictly for informational purposes.

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