Honda Clarity Powered by Hydrogen Gives Drivers the Option to Go Truly Green

Honda Clarity cars have been offering car drivers the option to go green for several years now.  This fuel cell technology car innovation from Honda has provided even more choices for car owners with their newer models.

 Honda lovers who want more seating capacity can choose the five-seater models. And for more good news, it’s not just the Californians who can grab a hold of Honda Clarity units, the new hydrogen car releases are made available in all 50 states. This gives access to more environmentally conscious car drivers in the country.

What Are Features to Like in Fuel Cell Technology Cars?

Those who are yet to experience the pleasure of driving one of these green cars from Honda will love the silent operation of Honda Clarity. It’s a top feature of hydrogen-fueled cars.

 And if you’re worried that the ride and drive may feel different, don’t. Reviewers say that your driving experience in a Clarity won’t differ from your feel of handling a Honda Accord.

 Hydrogen fuel cars give you the benefits of an electric car but with boosted features. It doesn’t store energy in a battery pack. Rather, hydrogen fuels a cell stack and as it combines with oxygen in the air, your car is powered by the resulting electricity. This means zero emissions because there’s only water.

 Drivers also enjoy longer mileage with hydrogen fuel cell tech cars. Honda Clarity will give you 366 miles before refueling. Another feature boost is the rapid charge time. Regular electric cars take hours to charge. But fuel cell technology lets you charge your car in several minutes.

 Honda Clarity cutting-edge cars are usually available on lease options only. But you can make inquiries on the option to buy Honda’s battery-powered plug-in units. Customers will enjoy some credit toward hydrogen and the state will grant some rebates as well.

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