8 Cool Alarm Clocks That’ll Work For Heaviest Sleepers

Do you have problems to wake up in morning for your school or job? Do you keep pressing snooze all the time and eventually you realize you’re half hour late? Well, don’t be desperate because this is common problem we all have. Who wants to get out from the warm morning bed… Check out the coolest alarm clock gadgets currently on the market. I am 100% sure they will make you out of bed, one way of another…


Simple and easy. Once he is turned on, engines run and clocky goes all over the room. In order to stop it you need to go out of your bed and turn him of…


Sluznluz is not the kind of alarm that will play loud music in order to wake up. If you don’t turn him off on time, Sluznluz will connect on your WiFi to your bank account and donate your money to the less popular charities.

Bacon Alarm

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