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Nikola Refuse gets an order of 2500 Hydrogen Garbage Trucks

Republic Services looked to Nikola Motors for an eco-friendly way of dealing with environmental waste. An order for 2,500 Nikola Tre fuel cell technology...

EV company Nikola in Hot Water after Hindenburg Research Allegation

Rollercoaster ride for Nikola and it's founder Trevor Milton. September started out great, with a partnership with General Motors leading to a stock price increase it's...

Nikola Badger

Nikola Motors Corporation has announced plans and has begun pre-orders for it's first electric and a hydrogen-electric pickup truck, the Nikola Badger. Set for...

Nikola One Offers Zero Emission Hydrogen Electric Trucks for Your Company Fleet

If you're looking for a company fleet upgrade, Nikola One may well be your best option. This fuel cell tech powered truck offers great...