Cars Lightning McQueen Custom All-In-One desktop

We love to use laptop computers, they are portable, and we can get them with us everywhere. Rest of us love to use bendable hardware’s like HP computers, Mac Computers, Apple Computers and more. But Enthusiastic Kier from Highflow wanted to do something totally different with his PC. His kid is big fan of Disney’s Cars cartoon so he manage to create him totally unique computer case from disney Cars Themed TV. Here is computer configuration that he used to create PC Case masteripece for his son:

A 15″ screen, MSI MATX Micro P4M890M motherboard, Gainward GTX285 1024 DDR3 GPU, Intel Dual Core E6400 CPU and two CORSAIR XMS2 DDR2 2GB RAM sticks.

If you are interested how creating process goes, you can check step-by-step on HighFlow forum

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