6 Ways To Teach Your Kid About Sustainability

It is vital to teach your kids the importance of Sustainable living. It would help if you used simple words or not overcomplicated words to explain so they can understand. 

1. Lights:

You should teach your kids how to turn off the lights in their room when they are out and explain to them that they use a lot of electricity. It would help if you also reminded them what the difference they are making by turning off the light in their room.


After lights, you can then expand into other appliances in the house like a refrigerator. Utilizing simple words explain that the fridge not only uses electricity in light bulbs but also to keep the food inside cold. Explain when the fridge is open, the food will become less cold, requiring the refrigerator to use more electricity to keep it cold.

3.Water Usage

When your kids use water to take a bath or brush their teeth, you could teach the importance of water usage. When they brush their teeth, teach them how to turn off the tap water. Explain to them that it takes up a lot of energy to bring the water into the house, and there’s energy used to make the water warm and clean.



Teach and help them recycle things they no longer needed, such as cans, paper waste, plastic, and glass bottles. Explain how recycling can help save energy and keep the planet much cleaner and happier.

5.Plant Trees:

Start by explaining the importance of trees and how trees help eat up all the stinky and black smoke that making the earth hot.You could also turn this into a shared activity by planting some trees together.


Teach them to walk or ride a bicycle if they are headed to a destination nearby, and remind them that the traditional cars puff out smokes requiring more trees to be planted. While also highlighting the importance of staying active.

Repetition is key to creating good habits. Your kids will practice and do what they remember. Lastly, you have to lead by example by doing the same for yourself to be a role model for your kids.

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