Warframe Gauss: Everything You Need to Know

Gauss is the 41st Warframe who appeared on August 29th, 2019. He is comprised of shiny composites all resistant to heat, and boy does he run like the wind. Without a doubt, this guy is a speed machine.

Whether you are trying to zip across landscapes or vast expanses of water, Gauss is the guy to get you there. His power is easily recharged through hostile strikes and he works wonders when flash-freezing enemies. Yep, he stops them dead. A quick victory is on the cards once you’ve acquired Gauss.

But, the question is, how do you actually construct him? Let’s find out, shall we?

Warframe Gauss: How To Farm and Craft Him

The first thing you should know is that it is going to take some hustling. Gauss isn’t an easy guy to farm for. But, obviously, it is possible.

So, let’s take a look at the parts you need to acquire before you can get to crafting this insanely quick Warframe.

Warframe Gauss: Parts For Neuroptics

  • 15,000 credits
  • 1 argon crystal (you will have to go to the Orokin Void to get your mitts on this one)
  • 1,600 rubedo
  • 6,200 salvage
  • 2950 alloy plate

Warframe Gauss: Parts For The Chassis

  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 heart nyth
  • 3 radian sentirum
  • 55 grokdrul
  • 6 star crimzian

Warframe Gauss: Parts For Systems

  • 15,000 credits
  • 70 mytocardia spores
  • 3 marquise thyst
  • 3 radiant zodian
  • Thermal sludge

Warframe Gauss: The Final Build

Once you have acquired all of the parts we have just mentioned, you will need to purchase the primary blueprint. It’s an additional 30,000 credits to buy it from the Market.

Where Do You Find All The Parts and Materials?

That’s a good question! You have probably been pondering this ever since Gauss came out. But we are going to help you out. So, without further ado, let’s get into that!

Finding Argon Crystal

We already mentioned that the argon crystal is found in the Orokin Void. However, you must be patient. All the materials needed to craft Gauss are rare and the argon crystal is no exception.

Once you have arrived at the Orokin Void, you will need to do some missions that have a higher chance of rewarding you with the rare argon crystal. We always play capture missions to get this material. Why? Because it’s so much easier than playing the extermination types!

Mining Gems

As you should already know, you need a mining tool to farm gems. Your best option is to head to Cetus or Fortuna and find yourself a cave.

Even though the gems are all very rare, you can mine them even if you’re not a very high rank with the planet’s faction. Having said that, you will not be able to purchase the blueprints needed to refine the gems if you aren’t substantially through the game.

Farming Gauss Components

We thought we’d save the most important (and arguably far more difficult part) until last. Yep, farming Gauss is rather hard and takes a lot of tries. Why? Because the components are rare and you need to be a high rank to get yourself there in the first place.

How high, we hear you ask? Well, on Cetus, you must reach the level of Kin. This is the highest rank on the Ostron. This takes a very, very long time. For those of you who are relatively new to the game, it’ll take weeks or even months in some cases. For those who’ve been playing for a while, then it will still take a few days (approximately, of course).

Once you reach that rank, you’re all set to grab the resources you need.

To find the components for Gauss, you need to head to Sedna which is found on Kelpie. This is the final mission on Sedna so no, you Tennos can’t get there (sorry).

As soon as you have found the right location, you will be in the thick of the disruption mission. Kelpie is the newest disruption mission and is the only way to grab the main parts needed for this Warframe.

You will need to complete the mission three times. On rotation C (i.e. the third rotation) you will have a chance (7.93%) of acquiring one of the pieces you need to craft Gauss. After that, you must keep going to get the rest of the parts. Don’t expect a drop every time though! On every other rotation, you will get another 7.93% chance to acquire him.

That’s basically all there is to it! Just keep going, you’ll get there (it’ll just take some grafting).

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